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in the heart of baroque lecce

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Fifteenth-century Palazzo

Contemporary elegance, timeless charm

the excellence of luxury
the care of home

Palazzo de Noha is a luxury hotel in the heart of baroque Lecce, a sophisticated resort where historical heritage meets with the finest contemporary art and design.
The lifetime dream of two art collectors with a penchant for antiquities, Palazzo has nine unique guestrooms and suites that feature ancient star-pinnacled ceilings, custom furniture, exquisite artworks and museum-grade pieces of Italian and international design.

The elegantly-furnished rooftop solarium and pool, the terrace-gardens and sunlit lounges gift visitors with privacy and breathtaking views on the city’s hidden gems.

Along with its two sister properties (Vico dei Sotterranei, a refined apartment in a medieval cloister by Lecce’s Duomo, and Masseria Villa, an exquisite beach house) Palazzo de Noha welcomes visitors with the finest hospitality and a contemporary yet timeless charm.

The essence

A place where guests sojourn amidst comfort and care, immersed in Lecce‘s identity.



Lifestyle Design

Centro Storico Lecce

Antiquecourtyard house, where today Palazzo de Noha is located. It has a long history, characterized by positive sentiments, lost in the many streams of the lives that crossed it.

a history of care, attention and love…

Getting lost amidst the Lecce streets marked by ancient cobbles and cut through by old carriages is like encountering the century-long arts and crafts of this city.

the true luxury of simplicity…

Esperienze tipiche salentine

Palazzo De Noha’s rooftop is a “corner of sky”. Guests can taste an aperitif or, simply, enjoy the private and relaxing solarium with infinity pool. Ideal location for exclusive events.

fragrances, flavours, warmth…

In ogni ambiente si trovano pitture, sculture, oggetti di design di artisti di fama internazionale e locale. A questi si aggiungono periodicamente mostre di artisti che fanno della struttura una permanente quanto insolita art gallery.

Arte a lecce
Opere d'arte lecce

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