Salento-style experiences

Getting lost in the old city streets

Experiences | that leave a mark

Art and tradition

Getting lost in the old city streets…

Salento is a land that fascinates all senses; it must be experienced thoroughly following every moment’s inspiration…and the wind.

The Sirocco wind leads to the Adriatic, while the northerly Tramontane echoes the Jonian sea.

Culinary Culture

The knowledge of a place occurs also through its culinary culture; stimulating cooking experiences lead to the discovery of local delicacies which are often the product of contaminations by the many peoples that crossed this land.
Guests can follow their tastebuds along the wine and oil roads with visits to cantinas, oil mills and backcountry masserias to enjoy local cheeses.

With their hidden sand bays and jagged cliffs rising steeply from the blue, the local beaches are a world to discover: walking slowly or using two wheels, by horse and even boat, entering the legendary grottos with their epic names, navigating the coastline bordered by exotic villas or dominated by pictoresque lookout towers.

Getting lost in the Lecce streets marked by ancient cobbles and cut through by old carriages is like encountering the century-long arts and crafts of this city.

The historical center is still livened by artisanal bodegas where papier-mâché gives shape to ecstatic saints and the hot rods of the “fuocheggiatura” technique provide unique shades, while the gentle local “leccese” stone surrenders to masons’ skills.



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