How to become children again. - Palazzo De Noha


How to become children again.

Going back to being children is a common desire of many adults who would like to find the lightheartedness of the past, to go back to when everything was simple and the world more colorful.

If you, too, have this melancholy desire to return to childhood, you can magically take a step back with the exhibition “The Land of Toys” organized in the former Convent of the Theatines. “The Land of Toys” was created by the Municipal Administration of Lecce and produced by the Orione di Maglie company, in collaboration with the “l’Acchiappalibri”.

An exhibition full of charm capable of rekindling the imagination of tourists and citizens walking through the alleys of Lecce through design, history and creativity, it has already been exhibited in prestigious locations such as the MoMA in New York and the Milan Triennale. “The Land of Toys” will run from 18 December until 31 March in Lecce, accompanied by a busy program of events dedicated to children, including workshops, live shows and animated readings of fairy tales.

The exhibit, with its collection of 800 pieces of children’s bedroom furniture with an iconic design, is the result of the creative ingenuity of illustrious designers and unknown authors of the popular panorama. It tells the story of the evolution of style and costumes over the years.

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