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Puglia, 365 exquisite faces

Like a mythical sea nymph, enchanting, seeking everlasting rapture, Puglia seems to have gracefully stretched out in the sun to wriggle her toes in the refreshing, crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea while embracing the warm, white sand of the Ionian coast.

A constant guardian and fearless protector, the Mediterranean Sea has ensconced people and their traditions, adamantly preserving history and culture for millennia. Those who arrive in Puglia not only have the opportunity to come into close contact, but can make that millennial history a vademecum for a better lifestyle, closer to Nature, to a healthier food model – that of the Mediterranean diet – and to one mark slower and more conscious time.

Puglia is not just a tourist destination, it is a universal concept, a rough-cut diamond with 365 exquisite faces, one for each day of the year. Every season in Puglia is the epitome of its multifaceted soul and becomes a journey within a journey: formidable and steadfast in the winter, fragrant with perfumes and vivid colors in the spring, robust and balmy in the summer, and unequivocally serene in the autumn.