"Food and Travel Italia 2019" Award for Palazzo De Noha in the hotel category


Food and Travel Italia Award 2019

We are happy to share this beautiful accomplishment with you: Palazzo de Noha won the special Food and Travel Italia 2019 award in the hotel category. A heartfelt thanks to all our guests to whom we have managed to convey all our love for hospitality, to our precious collaborators and to all those who stayed at Palazzo de Noha and felt at home.

We are also proud to see our beloved Puglia as the only region awarded in the regional category. Per Food and Travel Italia: “The region that evokes amazement from its colorful and strong landscapes, designed among expanses of ancient olive groves and rocky coasts, juxtaposed by beaches that plunge into the bluest sea there is. A harmonious, balanced, decisive land; everything can be seen, touched, breathed, enjoyed slowly, with the wind in your hair. Land of flavors that mother nature accompanies and grows with so much wisdom and perfection and which, worked by the hands and genius of man, give life to real works of art dedicated to taste. Puglia: an experience that cannot be forgotten. We are in Puglia, and we would not like to be anywhere else.”

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