The pearls of the Ionian and Adriatic sea - Palazzo De Noha


The pearls of the Ionian and Adriatic sea


Known as “the Pearl of the Ionian sea”, Gallipoli promises glimpses and scenarios that pay homage to what the ancient Greeks called Kallipolis, “the beautiful city.”

Its Aragonese Castle, built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries under the dominion of the Angiolini and Aragonesi, is completely surrounded by the sea. Its position, once designed for defense reasons, now grants romantic atmospheres and breathtaking views.


Italy’s easternmost city, Otranto has always served as a beacon of hope and promise for the peoples of the Mediterranean; its port – for centuries a crossroads of people and goods – personifies a country open to diversity and warm greetings.

Overlooking the sea and ensconced by mighty walls that guard priceless treasures like the Romanesque Cathedral and the Aragonese Castle, Otranto’s historic center has assisted the enchanting city in earning the renowned title of being one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy.”